Something’s Fishy, Regenza by Tunga, Vashi.

We went on a Sunday afternoon for Buffet lunch. We were greeted warmly by the staff.


Something’s Fishy is located inside Hotel Tunga at Vashi sector 30. The place is beautifully decored.

Reasons to visit:

  1. Beautiful decor and wonderful ambience
  2. Very friendly staff. The staff pays a lot of attention on each and every table. They are very well mannered and polite.They take a lot of efforts for customers.
  3. This is a place where you will get wide variety of food and beverages.
  4. There’s parking available.


We went on a Sunday afternoon for Buffet lunch. We were greeted warmly by the staff. The   buffet offers veg and non-veg. For starters they offer 3 veg and 3 non-veg items. They first offer drinks either juice  that is orange refresh and fresh pineapple juice or wine.

Then  soup is served : hot and sour chicken soup or cream veg soup accompanied with starters : Paneer tikka, crispy veg, prawns,fish finger with tarter sauce,chicken and one ore veg item.

Starters are served on the table and the main course is expected to take by the customers from the buffet counter.

Each and every food tastes distinctly different. The main course is fantastic with so many options like :

Dum Biryani

Methi chicken

mutton achari

crab malwani

pad thai noodles

roasted chicken with ancho chilli flavour

paneer mirch masala

aloo baingan sukke

diced veg thai green curry

steam rice

dal kolhapuri

veg burnt garlic fried rice

fish alleppy curry

prawns twin ppr

The crabs were shelled and it becomes difficult to eat at a restaurant but the manager made it very simple by helping us out with the crabs. We are really overwhelmed with the staff.


There is also a separate shawarma pasta counter.

thumb_img_5201_1024There is a separate chaat counter as well.

Chaat counter

Now comes the lavish dessert. It was magnificent. They offererd:


Angoori gulab jamun

assortment of cut fruit

rawa kheer

kalakand barfi

blueberry cheese cake

orange coconut

apple cinnamon cream brulee

caramel and peanut tart

mango chenna payesh.


Finally our lavish lunch comes to an end with :

We recommend people from everywhere in Mumbai to come here and have lunch on a Sunday afternoon since it serves its best varieties on Sunday.

So here we go out of 5;

Ambience            –   5

Quantity              –     5

Quality                   –    5

Hygiene                 –    5

Value for money    – 5


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